About Us

Crydda-Online is the online section of Croyde Village Shop & Post Office. The Shop & Post Office is going through some changes. When we took over in 2010, we were a little Sub Post Office with a little sideline of Greeting Cards, Stationery, Maps, Postcards and Books. As time has moved on we have moved away from books, sad to see them go but in retail, space is premium and a shop that is not making a profit is not going to serve the community and wider audience very well.

Since 2016 we have moved the emphasise to a more 'Village Store' with a 'Community branch' status Post Office.

Serving the community has always been our aim. As we develop and progress the shop side of things, within the remit of the lease we aim to provide essential 'Oh I have run out of...' items. Whilst the shop is not a mini supermarket, we are trying our best to meet the needs of everyone!

In addition to the everyday items, we still stock a good selection of greeting cards, postcards, stationery, maps, prints  and gifts, along with some lovely bars of chocolate (exclusive to us).

Our online shop is an evolving window. We will occasionally try new things, so keep an eye on it. 

Crydda-Online: Home of Croyde Village Shop & PO